Top 5 Cyber Threats

1. Security Hacking

It is someone who is very much aware of the weaknesses in a computer system or network.

This hacking can only be initiated by profession hackers with help of dark web or deep web

2. Cyber Attack

Cyber Attack is all about hacking your device such as mobile or any other network device.

This hacking can be initiated by any hacker as it is done by our mistakes only as such we recieve any link to link e.g “You won $100000 clik this link to credit in your account ” and we use to do the same this can help in Cyber Attack

3. Data Breach

It is a security Violation in which your all confidential and sensitive information is copied from your local system.

This can also be determined as data leak or data spill or information leakage.

This also can only be initiated by any hacker this is also done by our mistakes as we use to authorise the hacker to do so.

4. Ransomwere

It is now a days very common to see ransomwere .

This is the best way for hackers to earn money as what they do is like they use to encrypt all files from your local computer.

After that only one file will be able to open and that file will be everywhere in your system and it will say ” Your all files are safe with us and it have been encrypted so of you want your files back you have to pay $900000 then we will send your the decrypt code and you will find your all files again”

So this thing happens again by our mistakes such like we use to find the crack version of different software and when we download the crack version then the computer got infected and viruse start encrypting our files.

5. Phishing

It is a all about social engineering where the hacker use to send the fraudulent message which is designed to trick the normal person.

E.g As like the attacker use to design a page which will as it is look like Facebook or Instagram and then he will send you the link and you will open the link and it will look like Facebook and you use to login with your login details as as such the attacker will get your all login details.

This is how it works