Adipurush Dialogues Changed!

Adipurush, a Bollywood movie based on Ramayana was released on 16th of June, 2023. This movie faced a very negative response from the people!

There were many things due to which people didn’t liked this movie like it’s VFX, wrong presentation but the main reason was Adipurush Dialogues. Which became the main reason of its failure!

The Controversial Adipurush Dialogues

Many controversial dialogues in Adipurush garnered significant backlash, with some being particularly offensive, leading to widespread hatred for the movie. The wierdest Adipurush dialogues were:-

Ramayana VS Adipurush

When Hanuman ji visits Sita ji at Ashok Vatika then one of Ravaan’s minions ask him that “Yeh teri bua ka bageecha hai kya ki hawa khaane aagaya?” (“Is this your aunt’s garden that you came here to enjoy the breeze?”)

When Hanuman ji’s tail is being burnt then Raavan’s son Meghnath (Inderjeet) says him, “Teri jali na”. In response Hanuman ji said “Tel tere baap ke, aag tere baap ki, jalegi bhi tere baap ki?” (“Your father’s oil. Your father’s fire. Your father’s … will also burn!”) in this movie. And this dialogue became the most controversial and weirdest dialogue of Adipurush.

Adipurush dialogues

Manoj Muntashir

Manoj Muntashir, co-writer of Adipurush. He is facing a lot of hate from people due to these type of dialogues. People were also trolling because 8 months ago, before the release date of Adipurush, he said that “Adipurush makers have not modernize Ramayana. You will find the same thing that you have seen or read in Ramayana.” However people didn’t find the originality in Adipurush.

Manoj Muntashir
Mr. Manoj Muntashir

Dialogues to be changed!

The makers are re-releasing the film on June 25th, 2023, with revised and more “acceptable” dialogues. The makers are diligently working to ensure inclusivity and cultural sensitivity in the new dialogue version.

Let’s see what improvements will be done in Adipurush.

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