Can India Reach The Sun? Aditya L1

Aditya L1

India has reached the moon, now its the turn of sun. After the success of Chandrayaan-3 ISRO is now going to launch its first Solar Mission “Aditya L1”. But what is Aditya L1? The way we landed the moon, we can’t land on the sun. So how will this mission be done and what are its objectives? Lets read and try to find it out

What Exactly is Aditya L1?

2nd September 2023, is going to be an important day in India’s history. As on this day only we are going to launch our Aditya L1 Mission. Aditya means our sun, but what is L1? L1 means Lagrange point. During school in Science, Newton’s Gravity must have troubled everyone. Weather you remember anything or not, but everyone will remember Newton’s 3rd law. “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”. This rule is followed in space too!

Why L1?

To understand it in an easy language, if the gravity of the sun effects earth, then gravity of the earth will also affect the sun! The Gravitational forces of the earth and sun play a game of tug and war with each bother. There is one such point where both the gravitational forces cancel each other out. There are a total of 5 points named “L1, L2, L3, L4, L5. NASA positions its most powerful telescope, the James Webb Telescope, at the L2 point. Their selection for space missions highlights the special nature of these L points. What will happen is the gravitational force of the earth at L1 point and the gravitational force of the sun will cancel each other out. This will make it easier for Aditya L1 to stay in orbit.

James Webb Telescope

Imagine L1 is a front row seat to observe the sun, from where you get view of the sun 24*7. Solar p can be observed. And L1 is the point where Aditya L1 can survive with the least fuel requirement! Aditya L1 will be launched at the cost of ₹400 Crores and will go 15 Million KM far from the earth at the L1 point to study the sun and the L1 point itself.

Objectives of Aditya L1

It will study the Corona of the sun. Corona is the outermost layer of the sun. In photoes of the solar eclipse, the border is visible to you is the sun’s Corona. But this layer is quite interesting. If you have ever done camping, you must have seen that the further we go from the fire, the less is the heat. In the middle of the sun a nuclear fusion keeps happening in it’s core. There the heat is the highest, logic says that the further we go from core, the less will be the heat. On an average, the surface temperature is around 5000-6000 °C. Corona is outside it’s surface, but do you know what is the temperature of the Corona? 1-3 Million Degree Celsius! This is called Coronal heating problem.

Now let’s see that will India be able to reach the sun.

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Aditya L1
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