Australian Universities bans Indian students!

Two more Australian universities have banned the recruitment of Indian students of many states! Last months also many Australian Universities banned Indian students. But why this has happened? Is this right? Which state students have been banned? Let’s read and try to find out:-

The Full News

Australian Universities

Today, 2 more Australian universities; The Federation University in Victoria and Western Sydney University in New South Wales have banned Indian students of Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Union Territory Jammu and Kashmir. The Sydney Morning Herald Reported.

The Western Sydney University said the ban would be in place for at least two months — May and June 2023. The university further stated that it would actively take additional measures to address the issue of non-genuine students enrolling with the university from these regions. These measures include implementing changes to application screening, imposing stricter admissions conditions, and increasing commencement fees”.

Australian Universities bans Indian students

Reason of banning Indian students by Australian Universities

The reason behind banning Indian students by the Universities is due to fresh concerns over a surge in fraudulent visa applications, a media report said. The university has observed a significant increase in the proportion of visa applications being refused from some Indian regions by the Department of Home Affairs.

Narendra Modi australia
Indian PM: Narendra Modi

Last Month Ban

Last month, Australian universities, including Victoria University, Edith Cowan University, Torrens University, and Southern Cross University had placed a ban or restriction on students from some Indian states in response to a surge in fraudulent applications seeking to work, and not study, in the country. 

Australian Universities bans Indian students
Australian PM: Anthony Albanese

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