ISRO itihas rachegi aaj: Chandrayaan 3 bharega ordan!

India is about to launch Chandrayaan 3 and the cost of this mission is just ₹615 Crores. Which is less than the budget of Adipurush! And this mission can be ISRO’s most difficult mission till now, yes, more difficult than Mission Mars!

But why India wants to go to moon once again, for the 3rd time? What are the objectives of this mission? And why this mission can be the most difficult mission of ISRO? Let’s read and try to find it out-

Why Chandrayaan 3 is important?

Chandrayaan 3

Chandrayaan is important not only for India’s space program but also for India’s economy. Most of us think that the moon is not far from earth, but the truth is that there is a huge distance between the moon and earth that all planets of our solar system can fit in between!

There are only 3 nations that have softly landed on the moon- USA, Russia and China. Soft Landing means a safe landing, that is, the spacecraft should be safe after landing!

This soft landing is very important because once we prove that ISRO can execute a soft landing, then we can take up important international space projects. NASA is doing projects like this today and earning a huge amount of money we can take that few projects too.


Objective of Chandrayaan 3

As we know that we can only see one side of the moon and not the other side. 41% of the moon remains hidden from the earth. Similarly, there are large craters on the south pole of the moon where sunlight has not reached for billions of years. By studying these craters, we can get important information about the origins of our solar system. It is believed that water may be hidden in these craters, 100 Million tonnes of water!

Moon and earth

At the same time it is thought that be a source of essential resources like Hydrogen, Ammonia, Methane, Sodium, Mercury and Silver.

This location can become an important stop for upcoming space missions.

Why is this important for India’s economy?

ISRO is also important for India’s economy. Recently, space startups in India got a big boost and ISRO is encouraging and guiding many space startups. Because satellite launching industry is now a $13 Billion Industry and expected to be a $24 Billlion industry in next 5 years!

If we can capture even 20% of this industry, we can bring 10 times the money of our space budget to India every years!

Launch of Chandrayaan 3

This mission is schedule to take off from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh, at 2.35 PM IST on Friday, July 14.

Let’s see can this mission become a successful mission for India!

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