Delhi Air Pollution is Killing You!

Delhi air pollution is killing you

Delhi is dying! Today, Delhi’s air has reached the hazardous category, which is 10 times above the safe limit. You may have hear many people saying that, all this kind of pollution is due to Diwali, but this year diwali has not come, so how can we blame diwali? Doctor believes breathing in Delhi currently is as harmful as smoking 25-30 Cigarettes! But what’s the reason behind this pollution and most importantly what’s the solution? Let’s read and try to find out

Delhi air pollution

The Story of every year

Till now Diwali hasn’t came but pollution has already reached the hazardous level! And now supreme court have banned burning of firecrackers in all over India not only in Delhi. Which can be a controversial step as many shopkeepers have already bought firecrackers for selling but now may be they have to bear some loss.

Diwali pollution

Experts believe that if the Air Quality Index number is above 150, then the air is unfair for humans. This can have a serious impact on our health. And today Delhi’s Air Quality is more than 900!

According to a study around 70 Lakh people die just because of pollution globally and 24 Lakh people are Indians only. Pollution is reducing life of every Indian by 17 years! Air pollution has also an impact on our economy.

Reasons for Delhi Air Pollution

Waste burning and transport contributes most in the Delhi air pollution. Let’s first talk about transport. As of March 2021, we have 82 Lakhs two wheelers, 33 Lakh Cars, 1 Lakh auto rickshaws and around 1 lakh taxis in Delhi. Often people don’t maintain their vehicles and do not get PUC done.

Delhi’s location is also responsible for pollution. Wind speed of Delhi especially in winter is very less. As in winters, air flows from the North-West towards land, so pollution gets concentrated in this area. That is Delhi gets pollution from other areas too.

Stubble burning in states like Punjab and Haryana is also a major contributor in pollution.

Stubble burning


Delhi’s public transport is not too bad, connectivity is good and it is affordable too. Delhi metro is an engineering marvel in itself. But still many people prefer private cars. Everyone’s reasons are different but the truth is that people do not find it cool to travel by public transport. Right from childhood, we have to teach people to look at a vehicle from a utility perspective, not from a luxury perspective.

The biggest point is that we have to accept that India is not perfect. A few days ago a creator named Drew Binsky made a small reel where he called the air of Delhi disgusting. We Indians feel very proud of India, so whenever someone critizes India or shows the mirror of truth, we close our eyes and becomes defensive and tell him to go back in the comments. But we have to understand that he is a tourist, he has to go back one day. What difference does it make to tell him to go back? Whether he makes the video or not, whether he speaks good or bad, if his words are true then we have to bear profit or loss from it.

Our own people are dying, we are getting cancer, our lungs are being destroyed and ultimately we have to stay here. So we must think what we can do!

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