Do Ghosts exist?

There are many incidents reported when people claimed that they have seen ghosts and spirits and even talked to them. Many people report that they went through paranormal experiences. So many films have been made on this like The Exorcist,The Conjuring etc. Many people also record videos as a proof that they have experienced the paranormal activities. What’s the truth behind all this? Let’s try to understand this in this blog.

The Sushant Singh Rajput Case

In India, a recent example was seen when a person named Steve Huff claimed that he was communicating with the spirit of the Late Sushant Singh Rajput. He recorded his conversation while talking to the spirit and posted to YouTube. And because many people were already emotional about this issue they were misled. Several news channels reported on this as well. But what happened here actually was revealed by an Instagram user, this person took some clips from an old interview, audio clips were extracted from there, those audio clips were manipulated, and played as if it was Sushant’s spirit talking. So let’s keep aside such fraudsters. But what about the people who are not lying. And many horror films in which Inspired/Based on true events.

Steve Huff Ghosts

Ouija Boards: Ghosts boards!

Ouija Board Ghost
Ouija Board

You may have seen this board in many films like Conjuring 2, Exorcist etc. You can use this board for communicating with the ghosts! There are alphabets and numbers written on this board, with the words yes or no. There is a triangular pointer known as Planchet. To use this, people go to a dark place, light some candela, close their eyes and request the spirits to come to them. Most of the time people’s hand gets start moving automatically as if spirits are moving their hands. There is a scientific phenomenon behind this!

The Scientific Phenomenon

The Scientific Phenomenon to this called Ideomotor Effect! It is a psychological phenomenon where we move our bodies unconsciously. If you want an example of this, you can experience this right now, where you are. Take a pendulum or take a light weight thing and attach it to a string. It can be a button or your ring,tie it to your string. What you need to do this is place your hand in front of your self. Think to yourself that you need to make it move in a clockwise direction. And eventually you will see that it starts moving in the same direction on it own!


Ghost Hunters

Often, the cameras used by the ghost hunters are an infrared cameras. Which captures thermal patterns. They capture the spirits with these cameras, which make it seem like a negative photograph. In reality, whenever there is a change in temperature you can see it quite clearly through an infrared camera. If you sit on a chair and rub your back on the back of the chair, it will generate some heat, if you get up and see the chair with an infrared camera it will seem like someone is sitting on the chair.


Many peope show that they have experienced paranormal activities. But many of them are false claims. If this is done for entertainment purpose only its not too wrong. But to make false promises to people and fool to them is absolutely wrong.

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