How USA became became World Super Power?

In today’s time USA has the largest economy, most famous and successful companies, won most number of Nobel Prizes and has the strongest military power. USA is has became a superpower in the world. But how this all happened? How USA became a Superpower? Let’s read and find it out:-

Birth of the USA

America became independent on 4th of July,1776 from Britishers and thus became a new country USA the United States of America! But the journey of Superpower USA started after 1850.

By the 1900’s, the USA had became a large country. Numerous territories were a part of the USA. And obviously, the bigger the country,the bigger is the economy and GDP.

Map of USA

Journey of Superpower USA

The Real Magic happened between 1900 and 1950. Do you remember what happened during these 50 years? There were 2 World wars! USA was the only country to have profited from the world wars. They sold so many weapons to many countries that they made a net profit.

After the world 2nd world war many countries decided to link their currency with the US Dollar to make their currency stable. And the US Dollar would be linked to gold. In this way US Dollar became the International Currency.

US Dollar
US Dollar

The Role of Presidents

Numerous presidents were sworn in the USA. Some of these prsidents focused on military power. Like Ronald Reagan,Richard Nixon,George Bush and Donald Trump. On the other hand some presidents focused on forming peaceful alliances. Such as Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Jimmy Carter and Barrack Obama.

Attracting the Talent

The policies of USA has always attracted the talent. It attracted good immigrants to their country. There so many examples of this like Satya Nadela,Sunita Williams, Kalpana Chawla and many more. Elon Musk a South-African came to USA and became so successful!

So this was the story of The Superpower USA

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