India’s 1st 3D Printed House

What is a 3D printed house? 

3D Printing is a technology in which we use to design a three dimensional image on Computer or laptop after that the printer use to take the command from your machine to print that in real.

3D printer houses are also same type of technology in which the printer takes the command from the computer and make super structure houses in just 5 days which usually take 3-4 months. These homes are faster to build and are superior to the traditionally constructed structures in many ways.

India’s first 3D printed house in Chennai

Tvasta Manufacturing Solutions, a tech start-up company founded by 3 alumni of IIT-Madras, created this first 3D printed house and finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman inaugurated it via videoconferencing.

Tvasta’s first structure is a single-story house, a 600-sq ft unit, created at the IIT-Madras campus only. They built the house in just five days. Tvasta’s official blog states that a standard 3D printer can produce a 2,000-sq ft home in less than a week, which is 1/8th of the total time spent today in erecting a functioning house. When it comes to waste materials, this technology creates only 1/3rd of the waste generated using conventional building methods.”

Tvasta’s 3D printed house price in India

As per Tvasta’s the cost of constructing a 3D printed house is approx. Rs 5 lakhs to Rs 5.5 lakhs. Roughly 20% of the cost of a standard 2BHK apartment. Furthermore, the latest technology prints these houses, which reduces time and labor costs.