The Mystery of India Valley Civilisation

Archaeologists discovered the Indus Valley Civilization, also known as the Harappan civilization, in the 1920s while excavating at the sites of Harappa and Mohenjo-daro, located in present-day Pakistan. People consider this civilization as one of the most advanced civilizations too! But how did civilisation came to an end? What was the language of this civilisation? Let’s read and try to find it out-

Indus Valley Civilisation

About- Indus Valley Civilisation

There are very few civilisations that existed along with Indus Valley Civilisation those were Egyptian, Mesopotamian and Chinese. People believe that the Chinese civilization is the most recent, and they consider the Mesopotamian civilization as the oldest. But a study in 2016 found that Indus Valley can be 8000 year old!

Advance Indus Valley

By 2600 BC, their civilisation was so advanced that multi-storey brick houses were built in the city! Every home had toilet, bath area, drainage system and many more things! In terms of urban planning their cities were better than our Indian cities today.

But, we cannot understand them better, because we do not understand their language.


Look at these ☝️. Archaeologists have found at least 4000 artifacts containing inscriptions known as the Indus Script. Over 100 attempts have been made to decipher their language. By these attempts we have get to know some important points.

First, their language was written right to left.
Second, on almost every stone after writing some words an animal was drawn! But why? No one knows!

The animal could be a rhinoceros, elephant, tiger, bull but the most common found animal in the stone slabs, was a creature that looked like a unicorn! Which does not exists in real life!

Third, the historian collected the signs and symbols of the Indus Script and found a total of 400 signs in their script. Some symbols look like fish, turtles, carbs, insects, birds, sticks and many more things!

How did Indus Valley Civilisation end?

No one actually know how did it came to an end but there are some theories though.
One theory suggests that the river on which this civilization was dependent started drying up. This might have been the Saraswati River. If this theory is true, then researchers assume that the people of the Indus Valley Civilization went Eastwards and established settlements near the Ganga River.
The 2nd theory suggests deforestation. That suggests that people of the civilisation chopped down so much of the forest, to make their bricks and to feed their cattle, that it killed all greenery in the area making it uninhabitable.

Whatever the reason was, one thing that we know for sure now, after 600 BC, this civilisation was completely over! A civilisation that existed for minimum of 5000 years!
This was the story of The Indus Valley Civilisation!

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