Free Health Facility in Rajasthan! Doctors protest

Rajasthan government announces Free Health Facilities to all the people in all hospitals either private or government! Due to this more than Rajasthan Doctor Protest is going gone in which more than 20,000 doctors are protesting against the law. But why they are protesting? Is this a good decision to give free health facility? Let’s read and find it out:-

The Chief Minister of Rajasthan, Shri Ashok Gehlot

The Law-

Under the law, every resident has the right to get emergency treatment care without the payment of any fee. Either the healthcare is of government or private. The government would later reimburse the institutions the cost of emergency healthcare and that of transferring the patient to another institution, if so required.

Private Hospitals

Private hospitals are against this decision and saying that instead of improving government health care facilities or infrastructure, the government is giving full responsibility on the private sector! Which they fear would be a huge drop in quality of health care!

Rajasthan Doctors Protest

Many Private Doctors are also against this bill. More than 20,000 doctors are protesting against the government. As they say that the due to new rule they will be under more pressure.

The doctors are also saying that their consultation advice or suggestions were not taken before making the rule.

That’s why more then 20,000 doctors have been protesting against this new rule!

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